Employee Relations and HR Advice

Teme HR Consultancy are the team you can trust with all issues or disputes you may have with employees. All the questions that employees may have from the everyday - how much holiday do I have? To dealing with a flexible working request; we can provide you with the answers giving you step by step guidance to ensure the answer and resolution is the best for both parties. 

Contractual Documentation

Each Employer must provide a contract of employment or, as it is commonly known as, written statement of particulars no later than their first day of employment (latest updated legislation from 6th April 2020

It is advisable to have bespoke contract of employment as what is right for one organisation may not be suitable for the next, we will listen to and understand your business before providing you with the most appropriate contract of employment.

We can provide practical advice on the right HR Policies to suit your organisations values give structure to working relationships and helps guide both management teams and employees insight into what is expected of them.

Disciplinary Advice

Sometimes it is inevitable that you need advice on how to handle a difficult situation with employees where you believe they have breached your way of working, or a specific breach of your disciplinary policy. We can give practical advice on how to handle these situations whether through informal discussions, coaching, mentoring using the formal process or a protected conversation

Grievance & Whistleblowing

As well as providing you with a Grievance policy we will be able to guide you through the sometimes sensitive and complex complaints you receive, with over the phone and email advice at each stage.

As well as Grievances you may wish to understand the process of and how to handle Whistleblowing, we can explain the difference between the two and also help guide you as to the best way to handle these sensitive issues.